About Me and WakaYaga

How Did I Get Here

I was skinny as a teen but then when highschool was done I worked fast food and ate junk food and drank Mtn Dew like it was water. I was a sugar addict. I packed on the pounds.

I lost it all when I joined the USMC but after my stint I went back to the addiction and kept that weight like a good I.T. guy I became.

In 2019 I started to get healthy in our families move to North Carolina. When I got to NC in June 2019 I was 260. By Nov 2020 I was 190 but barely any strength. As of May 20th 2022 I am 191 pounds and getting stronger.

By Nov 12 2022 my goal is a flat stomach with some visible definition.

I started and named my method because all my friends and family want to know how I have lost the weight and kept it off. This is now my journey to become stronger, more agile and healthier.


Thanks for visiting

I have no program to sell you and no membership to buy. This is my documentation of my journey.
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