Down 5 pounds since monday

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On Jan 1st I weighed in at 199 pounds (freedom units)

I left Jan 2nd and drove 12-ish hours to Massachusetts. I got a short elliptical workout in before hitting the sack in the hotel. On the 3rd I got up at 530am to take my time getting ready. Co-worker and I headed to client location and worked on a vehicle in their shop on concrete floors with my Vivobarefoot shoes (see my daily log on twitter). We got done around 11am and I started the 12 hour drive back.

I stopped in Lancaster, PA for dinner and visit with a friend and then got back on the road at 930am.

I got home at 4am. I was not expecting to stay that long at my friend and got home REALLY late. Thank jebus for Coffee and audio books.

Woke up this morning at 9am and weighed in a 194.5 (a hair shy of 5 pounds)

Food for the 2nd

  • Breakfast was 4 home made cottage cheese egg bites
  • Lunch was protein drink
  • Meat stick cheese snack with apple banana
  • Protein drink again in the late afternoon
  • 8 piece grilled nuggets at Chick-Fil-A next to hotel

Food for the 3rd

  • Breakfast was hotel crappy eggs and bacon
  • Protein drink leaving job
  • 20 nuggest from Chick-Fil-A around 2pm
  • Protein drink around 5
  • 2 apples from gas station
  • Cheese-It snacks on drive to help stay awake

I did not list all my coffees. Most coffee is black with splash of oatmilk. I did get a crap coffee from Love’s truck stop at 1am last night with some crappy sweet creamer for the last 3 hour driving session home.

Still not perfect eating habits but didn’t over eat and at least cleaned out the system of all the junk food over the holidays


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