Relaxing Weekend and Back at it

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I took a rest weekend mostly. No schedule workouts or walks.

Saturday’s are usually the day I don’t bother watching what I eat. But I was told the crew was going out to Red Lobster for dinner. So skipped breakfast and only had a protein drink and greek yogurt cup for lunch. Then I had a ton of shrimp for dinner LOL.

In the morning Saturday I drove to Spring Hill, FL to visit a coin shop. Then when I got back to my “home base” we had to unload a trailer and then re-pack the trailer in prep for the PGA show.

Sunday all I did was make a short walk around the local Flea Market / Swap Meet.

Today I had some of the crappy eggs for breakfast at the hotel.
I did for out for lunch at fire house subs and had a medium meatball sub.
Dinner was just 2 burger patties

Workout today was 20mins on the elliptical. The dumbbell work out I did differently and did extremely slow 5 count, hold for 5 count and the another 5 count to return on each rep. This kicked my ass and I was only getting 6-8 reps compared the 15 I would do at normal speed.

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