Food and Exercise Yesterday and Today

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Thursday was another day on the job working in a “factory” on concrete floors all day. This was the 2nd day of this and by 3pm my feet were a little sore that I switched out to my Merrell Moabs at 3pm. I only kept them on for a couple hours then by the time I got back to the hotel I switched back to my Vivo’s and got my workout.

Thursday meals I went light in the earlier part of of the day

I had a protein drink for breakfast and lunch plus a banana and some string cheese.

I then got a work out consisting of 25 minute elliptical and my dumbbell routine. The dumbbell routing I was tired and needed food.

I went to dinner with the crew at Ruby Tuesday. I had a smash burger and some tater tots.

Friday I went even lighter for meals

I was still full from dinner the night before so I skipped breakfast. I stopped at the grocery store and got more Core Power from Fairlife (42 grams of protein) plus I got some Oikos Pro Greek Yogurt.

Lunch was 1 bottle of the Fairlife Core Power and 1 Oikos Pro Yogurt and a banana.

Dinner was also the same but I had an apple as well. Evening snack was some cream cheese (4 oz) and some occasional handfuls for cashews.

Friday night work out was the same as yesterday just the dumbbell exercises was a tad different.

Weekend will be relax and no workouts


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