Weight Comes Off – Some Weight Gets Added

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Friday morning Jan 5th I woke up at 193.8 lbs

I was surprised to lose another pound since Friday. I average 1/2 gallon of water a day and I was eating a very lean protein heavy week. Plus I was working on the new weight lifting routine.

Over the weekend I really didn’t watch my diet (at least on Saturday)

Monday morning I woke up at 198.8 (DAMN)

Saturday is my cheat day. I don’t count calories or concern myself too much about what I eat. I don’t try to gorge on food. Just enjoy whatever is around or we go out to eat. Sunday the wife made some good chicken and rice soup and I had that for lunch and dinner with a couple of rolls.

Today I went back to my heavy protein low carb focused meals. I got a 1.5 mile walk in and then 30minute dumbbell workout in the garage.

Tomorrow I leave for Florida for 2.5 weeks (ugh) but I am taking my weights with me and will do my utmost to stay on target with my eating / protein plan


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