2023 Fitness Journey Review

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What a Year!

Notable Events

  1. Lost my dad to lung cancer. He was 84 years old
  2. Quit the job I took in December 2022
    Had another job lined up but turned out to be bogus
    Out of work for a few months
  3. Started a new job in December 2023
  4. Wife quit her job and took a new job
  5. Still under 200lbs but holidays I have creeped up to 195. I’m usually around 190

Fitness Journey

  • I mostly maintained my weight sense Nov 2022 when I hit 180. I am fluctuating around 190 currently (this week doesn’t count with all the eating).
  • For approx 95% of this year I consistently walked for 30 minutes around noon and then 30 minutes at night. The evening walks would be filled with push-ups / squats or dumbbell exercises.
  • I didn’t use my Teeter Hang-up much and it was folded up for the last 6 months. I used it this week
  • Pull strength has improved. I can usually do 2 full pull ups (hands forward) fresh and rested
  • 2024 I will work towards harder workouts for strength/muscle building.
  • I’m still working towards a flat stomach
  • I also will start daily practice ATG split squat to eventually do it on level ground

Projects / Ventures / Etc

A project called Wallet Bullion languished. I tried to revive it a couple of months ago, but I’m not really in to it.

Things I’ve come to realize

The one thing that really sticks out is that over all I don’t want to make or sell a product to a person / people. I find that most people are finnicky and I don’t want to deal with them unless it’s something I want to make or do. And if I make 1 or a few items and sell them it’s cool, but I don’t want to scale it up and keep having to make said item over and over again.

I do like helping others by telling them what has worked for me and offering advice. I don’t necessarily want to do the work FOR someone but I enjoy helping those who want to help themselves.



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