31 Day in Vivobarefoot Shoes

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I tried Vivobarefoot shoes in 2022. I had ordered the Primus Trail II All Weather FG Mens in size 12. Normally for Merrell shoes which I was and went back to then was an 11 wide.

I didn’t last more than a couple of days in these. My right foot didn’t fit this shoe and I had a really annoying rub on the outside right of my right foot to the point it hurt. I think this was something to do with this specific shoes/design.

Last year a co-worker had a pair of Primus III in size 12. I tried them on and they fit great.

Before Christmas 2023 I had a chance to order a pair of Vivobarefoot shoes and I chose the Magna Forest Esc. I originally was looking at the Tracker Textile FG2 but they sold out.

My first day

I put my news on my feet December 21st 2023. I immediately did a 1.5 mile walk on asphalt and loved them.

31 days later is today

I still love these shoes. I had one day where I took them off around 3pm because I had traveled for work and was working in a factory with concrete floors. I normally don’t work 8-hour days on concrete floors and by the 3rd day my feet were a little sore. Yes, switching to my Merrell’s helped but at the same time didn’t make it better because those shoes are TIGHT.

Will I go back to “normal” shoes?

Never. I will buy another set of Vivo’s and I want to now go buy other barefoot shoes

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