Dietary intake has SUCKED pass few days

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Starting saturday night the eating habits have gone to shit.

Mainly because I’m on a work trip and the team goes out to dinner each night or ordering shit delivery food like pizza. Saturday night started the downhill slide with Olive Garden and bingeing on breadsticks.

Sunday night we had pizza and that shitty pizza did not sit well and came out the arse end quickly. LOL

Monday (today) lunch was Jersey Mike’s subs (not bad) didn’t get a huge one. Bunch bunch of snack were had during sales meetings. Monday night was shitty food at K1 Speed.

Is the problem the food? no
The problem is I love junk food. I’m good when it isn’t around, but when it is there I just like to eat it.

Tomorrow’s plan is to just have some protein drinks and try to avoid any shit food. Maybe try to find an apple and banana somewhere.

I’ll be home by Friday and then on the road next week. But I’ll be on the road by myself and I can choose my healthier meals

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