Don’t call it a Crisis

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I’ve been here for years

I’m possibly changing careers and creating some massive internal fear.’

This isn’t a crisis but a transition in life.

In November I hit the big FIVE ZERO. I’ve kicked ass this past few years and drastically changes my physical health and I’m going to keep improving. One thing that hasn’t improved is my career trajectory. I’m stuck in a career that I just can’t shake IT support shit. I’m tired of it. I find most of my customers to be idiots and tire of helping them because they most refuse to help themselves.

I put my feelers out in August and I got a call from a local company. I did a phone interview, 2 face to face interviews, met with the owner at a sales conference and met their team for breakfast this morning. I am expecting an letter for a sales engineer position in a field that I have some minor knowledge but definitely no expertise.

This leap is causing HUGE fear/anxiety

But I’m pretty sure I will take it as long as the expected compensation is in the offer letter. But the health benefits are different. I sent a FB message to a friend who knows about this ICHRA and HSA stuff and says it’s a solid good plan they offer. My youngest (19yo) is on my plan and the cost is minimal to me, my current benefits are 100% paid. From what I understand on this new plan I can add him but for some reason they said only until 21. I wonder if the age reply was a typo.

Can I do this job?

I’m pretty damn sure I can. There is going to be website editing, social media engagement, generating leads, making meetings with prospects, consulting with potential customers to get to the root of their problems and then determine if their problems are in line with my tentative employers services.

I freelanced for 10 years (2005-2015) and I was always selling myself. I flamed out because I didn’t grow and I back then still hated IT work because I grew tired of my customers and then lost them all. So I took a job in IT because I had to.

When I first moved to N.C. in 2019 I told my employer to give me to the end of 2019 and then I would start looking. I did start looking but then Rona happened and I’ve stayed through it. Is now the time to leave and change careers.

Is this really a career change?

I don’t think it’s a full 180 degree change. I do feel like this is going back to something I do love to do, the process of helping someone with what they should do but not having to actually do the work. The more I think about that last sentence I get some excitement in this challenge.

What is the new Industry?

Is this job in the I.T. sector = no
Does it have a technology piece = heavily
The job is manufacturing automation technology / production line stuff.

The excitement comes from this position would be like working on production lines of things you see on the How It’s Made show from Discovery channel. I might get to “do it like they do it on the Discovery Channel”

What are the odds I’ll sign the offer when received?

As of writing this at 945pm on a Friday night = 95% probability I’ll take the offer

Nothing great comes from comfort

I’ve heard that line and seen inspirational memes on the socials touting that phrase. I do agree with that. Moving to N.C. in 2019 definitely wasn’t comfortable but great things have came from it. Even if I bomb at this job I will gain some valuable experience in the uncomfortableness of it.

In the past year after doing 75 Hard I have finally learned the value of discipline. I can make a discipline approach to this potential job and find success.

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