Exercise and Travel – Planning my Week

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I left home at 5am this morning and drove 12.5 hours to Massachusetts. I left so early so that way I got to my hotel at a decent time to get a small work out in.

I forgot the weights but if I plan this week correctly and it’s not a big deal. I got the 1st dumbell workout in Monday. I can then do 3 more on Thurs / Fri / Saturday.

I still got 30 mins on the eliptical tonight and for fun grabbed the 30lb weights and did a few reps. I already feel a bit stronger and I think by february I will be upping from my 15lb weights to higher weights or just up my rep counts. For all my exercises I have been doing 15 reps.

I know I have posted the routine yet. I’ll get that by end of the week.

This hotel has a nice work out room


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