Today didn’t go as planned

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I was going to try to be strict with my eating today. It went ok but prob still ate too much.

This is why I try¬† to avoid eating out. I see “junk food” and I eat it.

Breakfast was crappy eggs and sausage from hotel just to get some protein
Lunch was some chicken place called PDQ down here in Florida. I had too many chicken strips but instead of fries i got greasy zuchini fries.

Dinner was gonna be a protein drink and a banana. I had 1/2 the protein drink and then I got the call that “I NEED” to be at dinner tonight cuz the big boss was in town. So i went and had a bowl of chili.

So I prob didn’t go too overboard with food.

I was all day on my feet working¬† in a shop on LSV electric vehicles. Today was also day 21 in my new Vivobarefoot shoes. Might feet handled it ok but towards 5pm i was starting to feel tired of being on my feet. When I was here last month in my Merrell’s i think was worse because those shoes had a tight spot in the right foot. I brought them with me just in case but really I think I did fine.

No gym tonight. The plan is Thurs/Fri workout sessions

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