Fuel Series – Day 3

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Oooh Buddy. Today was Glutes and Hammies. I switched up the staggered RDLs with 1 leg balancing RDLs. I saw The Bioneer doing these and I love these for the extra balance needed. The end of the session was glute bridge and variations. I just did what I could on those cuz my arse was hurting.

I’m loving this new series. It’s different than Iron Series and I’m excited to see how I look, feel and strength changes at the end. The last day of Fuel Series will be Nov 11th. This is a perfect day to end which is a Friday and day before my goal date.

What is my goal:

I do not have a weight goal. Below 180 would be nice but I’m also adding muscle with all this exercise. The main goal is improved definition and strength.

Today’s weigh in = 184.0 lbs

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