Fuel Series Day 4 | Full Body Workout

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Thursday October 6 with Day 4 of Fuel Series. Today was a full body work out and dang was it a work out. I wasn’t as sore this morning. I have a cramp of sorts in my right calf but I think it is releasing. I feel this knot/cramp/spot when I try to sit on my heals.

I weighed in at 182.8 lbs this morning. This is the 2nd time I’ve seen this number. I hit this number last on September 24th when I finished Iron Series. My weight loss goes in a stair step where I will drop down to my lowest usually Wed-Saturday. Then I’ll bump up a bit as long as I don’t over eat too much on then weekend. The next week I’ll make another new low.

If I keep my weekend eating under control I will be below 180 by Nov 12

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