Starting a New Workout Series – Fuel by Caroline Girvan – Day 1

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I spent last week doing yoga and resting and it didn’t help me. What helped me is new shoes I bought on Sunday. I got a close out deal at REI for a pair of Merrel’s. I bought the Moab 2 Waterproof. I got the water proof because I like to do my walks even when raining. The new shoes were an instant-ish relief to the right hip just wearing for a few hours around the house Sunday.

I started the morning with a 1 mile walk and it felt great with these shoes. My mile duration on these walks averages 20 minutes. I get some decent cardio because half is up hill. After the walk I did Day 1 video of Fuel Series. The first day was leg day and I’m gonna be sore LOL! I think this new series is gonna be awesome and probably harder for me than the Iron Series.

Morning weigh-in = 184.4 lbs

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